Tuesday, January 21, 2014

An Awesome Day of Firsts!

Lillie had a WONDERFUL day yesterday!  Me, not so much!  As I was writing my blog post yesterday, I was feeling sick.  An hour later I was aching and feeling feverish :(  So I decided not to take her to CC and Instead, my sweet husband took her on his day off!  And .... she did awesome!  She even raised her hand and stated the endings for the First Conjugation Present Tense for Latin.  Proud daddy/mommy moment!  Her teacher lives on a farm and has TWELVE horses, so Lillie was endeared to her right away.

(At CC, listening to a story about MLK...why she still has her coat on, I have no idea!)

Then, after CC, we went to her horseback riding lesson.  She was such a pro ... not scared at all.  She DOES have a healthy respect for the horse, but she's not scared, which is important.  Unfortunately, the instructor forgot we were coming, so the class had 4 grown women in it, and then little Lillie, but it didn't seem to bother her!  She is going again Thursday when another homeschooled little boy, who is her age, is in the class.  Then we will make Thursday's at two our regular schedule.

                                                        (Lillie and Tuffy!)

                                                     (off on her own, for the very first time!)

                                                           (trotting .... her favorite thing!)

So there you have it!  A big day of "firsts"!  Feeling blessed!

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